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Write in brief about clusters?

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How to find all duplicate records?

0 Answers  

stmts affected by activation group?

1 Answers  

Why do you need a secondary index in an ims?

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What is the importance of common attribute?

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Does qtp tool support mainframe application testing?

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What are the different types of table spaces?

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If a gdg contains 20 versions .. how to copy those versions ps?

2 Answers   IBM,

can we use already existing access path?

1 Answers  

1) What is ONCODE (Return code) in PL/1? 2) How to handle the ONCODE in PL/1? Please give me some examples?

1 Answers   IBM,

What is the difference between general testing and mainframe testing?

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Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or any other no problem..... please send your mails to

0 Answers   CSC,

how to check the jobs submitted by other users in the spool. Which command has to be used to check the jobs submitted .

3 Answers   HCL, IBM, Mannar Company,