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How do you reference the following file formats from cobol programs?

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What are the ways you can generate a copybook?

2 Answers  

What is a report item?

0 Answers  

01 a pic x(4) value 'abcd' 01 b pic 9(3) can we move from a to b.if possible what would be stored in b.

15 Answers   ACS,

how will u code parm parameter and where pls ?

3 Answers   DELL,

What are declaratives and what are their uses in cobol?

0 Answers  

Which of the following characters is NOT valid in column 7? a. - b. \ c. * d. # e. $

4 Answers  

when SE37 SB37 and sd37 occurs how to increase the volume , primary quantity and secondary quantity?

1 Answers   Hewitt,

What are the different rules for performing sort operation?

0 Answers  

What is amode(24), amode(31), rmode(24) and rmode(any) (applicable to only mvsesa enterprise server) ?

0 Answers  

whats the difference between search and search all?

4 Answers   Patni,

What the difference is between continue and next sentence?

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9(2).99 how many bytes take? Why . consider as a byte?

2 Answers