Give me examples for high priority and High severity

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Answer / prasannat

Example 1: The Application was developed for to access the
mutiple users(Network) but it is not allowing multiple

Example 2: The Output of Text box float, instead of float
it is returning integer
Expected in Project is : 350.67
Received is : 350

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Answer / durga prasad

priority depends on the user impact and does not deal with
code complexity.

eg: If the company logo on the first page is misspelled
it is High priority with low severity.

severity does not depends on the user impact and depends on
code complexity.

Classes of severity
Critical: defects will cause downstream damage; the scope
and impact of the
defect is beyond the document under inspection.
• Major, defects could cause a downstream effect (e.g. a
fault in a design can
result in an error in the implementation).
• Minor, defects are not likely to cause downstream damage
(e.g. non-compli
ance with the standards and templates). ,

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Answer / suchitra

If the company logo on the first page is misspelled its
high severity as may harm the company reputation and hence
should be corrected asap thus high priority.

Example 2: there is a certain functionality in the
application with OK button which when clicked shuts down
the complete application then it is HS HP bug.


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