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how u do database testing

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how u do database testing..

Answer / abhesheke

ur front end operation effect ur back end table is called
u check for data integrity
importing of data
exporting of data

u can test manully by inserting a record in ur front end
application and open ur database table and verify whether it
is placed in the right location or not.but doing manully for
1 to10 record is ok but for checking of 1000 of record u
need to opt a tool like winrunner.

any doubt plz mail me

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how u do database testing..

Answer / prasannatl

Any Application Database is very important. What ever the
information storing in the GUI by user it is storing at
Data base. GUI environment is called Front End and Database
is called Back end.
By using the Data Base Tesing checking the front end
operation with back end means the entered data in the text
fields properly stored in the database tables.

The Data base testing we can concentrate on two types
that is Manual & Automation.

Manual means Open the Database and using the SQL
statements do some operations.And Enter the Data in the
Front end and check with backend tables.

Automation means using any Functional tools like
Winrunner or QTP connect the data base

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how u do database testing..

Answer / angel

Using SQL queries and PL/SQL proceedures with tools SQL+
and TOAD respectively,We can verify data integrity with

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how u do database testing..

Answer / raghu

Data base testing is a process, when some information is
being uploaded or entered in the database table wizards it
has to be stored.

I usually suggest to do Automation testing using QTP

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