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  • CIL interview questions (32)

CIL Interview Questions
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Who among the following was hanged by the British Government in the Kakori Conspiracy ? (a) Bhagat Singh (b) Chandra Shekhar Azad (c) Ram Parshad ?Bismil? (d) Batukeshwar Dutt

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Who is known as the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha? (a) The President (b) The Vice-President (c) The Speaker (d) The Home Minister

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Which ancient city is planned in the shape of a lotus? 1 Ujjain 2 Madurai 3 Banaras 4 Agra

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what different types of wood is there?

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What is the diffrence b/w defect lifecyce ans buglifecyce?

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Diffrence b/w functional testing,functionality testing,system testing?


what is the diffrence b/w verification and validation?

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what is the diffrence b/w QA and QC?

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what is the diffrence b/w Test approach,test stratagy,test plan?

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what is the diffrence b/w Sanity testing and smoke testing

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what is the diffrence b/w Regression testing and re-testing

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what is the standards for preparing the test data?

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Limitations in QTP?


What is test fusion report?

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What r the views in testdirector?

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Un-Answered Questions

1.what a diffrenrs v-lan & (layer)l-3,l-2 bitween plz define defination of these? to configur ms outlook & lotus note (ibm)


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what are the five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process?


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if we know load bearing capacity of the soil and building load falling in each footing, then how to choose the type of foundation??? and if it is shallow foundation then which type of shallow foundation should be choosen i.e either strip or isolated or raft or combined or cantilever footing???????


Explain the following program segment. f(){ int *b; *b=2; }


what is roles and authorization??? During text determination procdure i dont want any one to change the text in transaction how to do it???


A 100W electric lamp is supplied from a 115V, 60HZ source. The peak instantaneous power dissipated in the lamp filament is


How servo stabilizer works.


Why should you consider yourself fit to be hired by JSPL? (max 200 words)jindal steel & power ltd


A network diagram for a hospital database. Consider your own set of processes for the hospital.


Can i please VHDL code for D-Latch with clear input ?? (HINT: Set up a “Process” with appropriate sensitivity list to get the desired D-Latch with Clr working.) Inputs and Outputs: entity Lab4b is Port ( Clr, Clk, D : in STD_LOGIC; Q : out STD_LOGIC); end Lab4b;


important question on stones


Hi.....wat r d major bugs we can find in banking domain???


CIL Interview Questions
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