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What does ICFAI stands for?

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I'll have a very formal phone interview. what's my opening line? i am the one being interviewed, once i dial his office#, how should i open? "good morning, this is ***, I am calling to have my interview???" does it sound formal and polite enough?

0 Answers  

What is the meaning of 'base rate'?

0 Answers  

what is the difference b/w acquisation by subsidy & acquisation by a company?

0 Answers   Capital IQ,

What is dummy account? Is there any difference between dummy account and suspense account?

5 Answers  

• What is depreciation and the method?

1 Answers   Bank of New York,

What are the benefits of trade liberalization? Describe

2 Answers  

What Are Open Market Operations?

0 Answers   RBI, SEBI,

What is pgdb program?

0 Answers  

explian Mobile Banking?

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1.Define Tax Avoidance? 2.Define Tax Evation? 3.Define Tax Planning? 4.Define Tax Management? 5.what are the effort to checj Tax evation?

2 Answers  

How is E-commerce related to social media?

0 Answers   LIC,

Tell me something about dhfl

0 Answers   DHFL Dewan Housing Finance Corporation,

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