Difference between asp and asp.net ?

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Difference between asp and asp.net ?..

Answer / ansu kuamar, delhi

asp.net has
more controls,
user friendly,
here we use two different page
one for design
other for logical coding
so we can work simultaniously both on designing and coding

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Difference between asp and asp.net ?..

Answer / shirishakyatoor

Both are serverside technologies which are used to develop
a dynamic and interactive pages. But the main differences
between them are

asp is an interpretted code where as asp.net is a compiled
code and asp is a object based language ie it doesnt
supports polymorphism and inheritance concept where as
asp.net is a object oriented language .. (it supports)

In asp.net. There is of two pages ..one for designing and
other for coding so designer can do his work and developer
can do his work at same time on same application form.It
results in better performance.. reducing time in devlopment
of a file which is not possible for asp.

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Difference between asp and asp.net ?..

Answer / ranjith reddy

Asp doesn't suport oop's concepts
Asp.Net Supports oop's concepts

Asp maintance top to bottom coding
Asp.Net doesn't maintain top to bottom coding

Asp is not user friendly
Asp.Net is user friendly

Asp code n html r at one isde
Asp.Net html deffer frm general coding

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Difference between asp and asp.net ?..

Answer / arunendra shukla

"ASP (Active Server Pages) and ASP.NET are both server side technologies for building web sites and web applications, ASP.NET is Managed compiled code - asp is interpreted. and ASP.net is fully Object oriented. ASP.NET has been entirely re-architected to provide a highly productive programming experience based on the .NET Framework, and a robust infrastructure for building reliable and scalable web

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