What is machine.config and web.config ?

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What is machine.config and web.config ?..

Answer / nitya

Machine.config file is for all ASP.NET's Application. it is
only one.
if u apply anything in machine.config file then it is
applied on all ASP.NET application.Machine.config file is

while web.config file is only for particular ASP.NET
application. each ASP.NET application has different file.

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What is machine.config and web.config ?..

Answer / deepti

Machine.Config is the common config file for all .net

But Web.Config file is specific for project

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What is machine.config and web.config ?..

Answer / chinna

machine.config that are used only applciations
where as web.config are used web projects

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What is machine.config and web.config ?..

Answer / rukayya

"machine.config" apllies for the computer and it is unique
and single and applied to all asp.net projects
"web.config" is applied to application .number of asp.net
applications may have number of web.config

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What is machine.config and web.config ?..

Answer / versha

machine.config is used in only Asp.net application

web.config is used for all web application

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