in sampling of raw material which side is pasted sampled labels

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What is difference between Potency & purity

3 Answers  

when we use capillary and packed columns in gc

4 Answers   Rakshit Drugs,

What is descriminatory disolution medium ?

3 Answers   Cipla, Graviti Pharmaceuticals,

Why 10%,20%,30% Sucrose solution is used for the calibration of polarimeter?

5 Answers   Cipla, LGC Promochem,

control of resolution in calibration of IR

3 Answers  

During Validation study, Recovery is passing at all levels but Linearity is failing. Justify?

1 Answers   Torrent Pharma, Mylan,

why disodium tartarate used in karl-fischer instrument ?.

0 Answers   Dishman,

From where 16 or 5.545 is derived in theoretical plates calculation formula by USP or JP/BP/DAB and what is meaning of this coefficient and impact in calculation ?

2 Answers   Nectar Lifesciences,

What is the exact reason to use THF and IPA in buffers of Reverse phase HPLC as a solvent?

0 Answers   Dr Reddys,

why we get only one peak in assay by hplc but in rs by hplc get more peaks

1 Answers   MSN Pharma,

what is the limit for KF Factor ,we take factor using water we will found factor between 6 to 7 ,while on KF Reagent bottle mentioned 5 mg/ml water content.if we not use dried methanol it is effect on factor.

0 Answers   Atul,

what is the relation of normality & molarity ? give me formula?

5 Answers  

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