How to calculate MCB Breaking capacity.

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What do you mean by Transformer?

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battery capacity use of made?

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Iwould like to know barc interview questions

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how to calculate a cable size while load is given in amp or kw and length is also define.?

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what main difference betwenn invetter & ups & major difference

2 Answers   ABB,

Briefly describe means used by electricity suppliers to influence the flow of active and reactive power in power networks (one for each type)?

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What are difference between earthing switch and earthing truck ? What is the operation philoshopy of earthing truck ? Wht are the component of earthing truck ?

2 Answers   Reliance,

describe your self.

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Why design 150Hz in Exciter

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how Practicaly reduce stating current of the motor

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I have a 1000 kVA Transformer(11kV/0.415kV) and a APFC panel of 400 kVAR(LT).Now if i want to remove the LT APFC panel and install a HT(11kV) APFC panel on the HT side is the HT APFC panel will work same as the LT APFC panel(improve the power factor),if yes what will be rating of the HT APFC panel?what is the formula to calculate HT APFC panel rating???

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Short circuit voltage of a transformer mainly depend on A ohmic resistance of primary B ohmic resistance of secondary C magnitude of leakage flux D cross sectional area of core

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