What are the frequently asked technical questions in chemical engineering during PI?

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A cylindrical vessel of 10m height has water upto 6m and is under a pressure of 15bar.What will be the pressure at the bottom most point of the vessel?

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can u tel me d question paper of gail?

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repected sir i have given gate exam today.......... if i ll get the better rank in that ....what is the next process .....shall i give another one test......or wat....i dint get properlly..... plz help me or mail me on Nish_gasti@yahoo.co.in

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Please help to get IOCL/HPCL or other chemical engineering paper pls send kathir_skv@yahoo.com Regards, kathirvel

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what is cv value in valves

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Chemical Engineering Energy Balance - Please match the term A - E as follow with the stated definition : A. Yield. B. Selectivity. C. Relative saturation. D. Molal saturation. E. Absolute saturation. i. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles that would have been formed if there were no side reactions and the limiting reactant has reacted completely). ii. Answer : ? (moles of desired product formed) / (moles of undesired product formed). iii. Answer : ? (relative humidity 40 % means partial pressure of water vapour equals 4 / 10 of the vapour pressure of water at the system temperature). iv. Answer : ? (moles of vapour) / (moles of vapour dry gas). v. Answer : ? (mass of vapour) / (mass of dry gas).

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what is mean by refinery

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Diffrence between centrifugal & recipocating pump?

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ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ENGINEERING - EXAMPLE 34.24 : (a) The net present value of an engineering project is given by V. Let Q = summation of [ T / (1 + I) ^ N ] from N = A to N = B, where P = project cost, T = tax inflow, N = duration. If V = P + Q where P = -$1000, T = $275, I = 0.12 (means 12 % , capital cost of project per year), A = 1 year, B = 5 years, calculate the value of V. (b) The present value tax shields are W = $ (11.9725, 9.1486, 6.5579, 4.1811, 2.0005) in 5 beginning balances of an engineering project. Find the adjusted present value of the engineering project X, when X = V + (summation of the values of W).

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What is g and gc in a bernoulli's theorem?

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Dear sir/madam I am in final year BE chemical engineering.Which companies i can apply .Please guide me.It is very helpful for me

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Question 92 - (a) In order to determine the slurry volume (L) in chromatography, arrange the formula using the following parameters : slurry concentration (%), slurry volume (L), settled chromatography medium volume (L), 100. (b) In order to determine the chromatography medium volume (L) in gel filtration chromatography, arrange the formula using the following parameters : sample volume to be processed (L), chromatography medium volume (L), sample volume in percent of total column volume (%), 100.

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