need previous placement test papers of infosys and soctronics

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no of timers of 8051

10 Answers   ONGC,

any from electronics proffesional i want to generate 12v automotive voltage regulator in the latest technology plz provide me some technical notes on it.

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Q.1. What do you mean by FDMA? Explain in details. Q.2. What are active & passive elements in BTS? Q.3. Name the equipments required for 2+2+2. Q.4. What is the function of BB2F card? Q.5. What is the function of BOI card? Q.6. Which modulation we use in case of GPRS? Q.7. Which slot is reserved for GPRS? Q.8. What is the height of BTS? Q.9. What is the height of ESMA card? Q.10. How many maximum slots we can use in ESMA card? Q.11. We use PSWA card in which case? Q.12. We use PSWB card in which case? Q.13. How many types of Transmission cards are in Ultra BTS? Q.14. How many types of Transmission cards are in Flexi BTS? Q.15. What will happen if we change the polarity of microwave antenna? Q.16. What is the full form of ARFCN? Q.17. What is the function of TRAU? Q.18. Explain the structure of entire GSM. Q.19. Explain the configuration of 4+4+4. Q.20. Which type of connector we use in FIFA card? Q.21. Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/ Q.22. What are the different types of GSM antenna? Q.23. What do you mean by Splitter? Q.24. Convert the 16 W power into dBm. Q.25. Explain the different steps of Commissioning. Q.26. What do you mean by protection loop? Q.27. What is the correct way of weather proofing? Q.28. Can we use 7GC instead of 15GC? Q.29. What is the function of Duplexer? Q.30. What are the different elements of MSC? Q.31. Write the total description of Ultra Commissioning.

0 Answers   Nokia,

Can any body tell me the procegure about how to use Super Position Theorem to solve any electronics circuit.Please tell me all the steps which used in Super Position Theorem.Thanks

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what is transmission ?how transmission is done in nokia 3G?

0 Answers   Mobily,

any one have C-Dot interview question.....its urgent ...if any one hav..plzz share as soon as possible.

0 Answers   cDot,

What is the difference between SET and RESET condition or actions?

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what is cdma

5 Answers   Lucent,

Plz send me some sample papers on OCES papers. I am appearing in OCES/DGFS-2009.Plz inform me by my emailid-

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What is the difference between <stdio.h> and "stdio.h"?

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introduce your self

1 Answers   DRDO, Siemens, Federal Mogul,

what does tru, dtru, cdu do and what is inside of them. Please ans

0 Answers   Ericsson,

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