Why transformer used in UPS??

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how the capacitance is caluclated if the load is varying to keep the power factor constant(above0.95)

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How to take Vector group test of Transformer?

16 Answers   Sunflag Steel, Zuari Cements,

Why is it that bus reactors are not accompanied by a neutral grounding reactor whereas a line shunt reactor is? PGCIL does so.

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what is automatic voltage regulator and it is used?

28 Answers   TCS, ACME,

how the testing of CT OF 400/200/100 done in33/11 kv s/s

1 Answers   Reliance,

Which type of starter to used which type o motor

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It is observed that AVR of an Alternator is more likely to fail if the Generator and Mains Neutral are directly connected to each other. Why should this be so?

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why generator and t/f ratings given in kva & motor rating is in KW?

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A 100 kVA , 400 v/250 kv testing transformer has 8% leakage reactance and resistance on 100 KVA base . A cable has to be tested at 500 kv using the above transformer as a resonant transformer at 50 hz . if the charging current of the cable at 500 kv is 0.4 A find the series inductance required . Assume 2% resistance for the inductor to be used and the connecting leads . Neglect dielectric loss of hte cable . what will be the input voltage to the transformer ?

0 Answers   L&T,

How to calculate Busbar Thickness for Different type of HT/LT panels

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which motor is used in our Indian Ceiling fan -Capacitor start and run or Capacitor start? (during repair i saw only one capacitor so it should be start only)

5 Answers   ABB, Power Grid, Bajaj Electricals, Ruchi Soya, Suzuki,

What should be the voltage between Neutral and Ground in secondary side of the step down transformer (230 V to 110 V) with no load condition?

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