For 35 HP motor how much amount of capacitor should be on in kvr to reduce the current bill

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there are a transformer and a motor. both are connected to 3phase, 415 Volt, 50Hz power supply. Both are working with induction principles. Then, why, motor is rotating and transformer is not rotating.

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If one d.g. is unable to take full load of system, then second d.g. will take care of partly Load.for this condition RPM of both DG set should be equal.By using Synchronization panel RPM of dg sets are match, is it true?

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What is a soft start?

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what is phase voltage phase current line current and their usage? provide diagram

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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2.5mva transformer is installed in our company with oltc but it is not working in auto mode ,it is operative in manual mode control wiring is done how can i rectify it?

5 Answers   Imdaad,

full form of electrical?

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What is transposition in a transmision line?

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why the generator efficiency is greator than motor?

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Why the frequency of ac in india is 50 hz but in some other countries it is 60 hz.

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I have doubt that the supply HZ (very low or high than rated ) may affect the power factor. is it true. ?

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when neutral will carry the current?what could be the magnitude?

7 Answers   Voltas,

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