For 35 HP motor how much amount of capacitor should be on in kvr to reduce the current bill

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Explain about retrofitting of machine tool.

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what is FACTS & where i can material regarding to facts.

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what is the transformer

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what is the effect of power factor to (a) voltage (b) transformers (c) generators (d)transmission lines

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Hi, I'm running plastic reprocessing company where all motors are running only in delta. Due to that when I use start my 30 hp motor my transformer gets fuse. Where it happens two times a day. I gt a suggestion from a person about Automatic Power Factor Controller APFC. Is it useful for my problem??? Or is der any other way for solving this problem?? Upgrading the transformer is difficult. Pls give Me ur suggestion. Waiting for ur reply.

2 Answers   Shree Lingaa Polymer,

Dear sirs, pls check this 4-20ma to RS485 module datasheet,pls guve me some suggestions. Thanks.

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which signal we found accurate reading of analog signal or degital signal and why?

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when qty of cable being purchased is not sufficient according to the standard,what should the inspector do to ensure its quality according to the standard?

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how will be power factor while using the resistive load and Capacitive load?

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Wtat is mean by GHOAST VOLTAGE?

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How to calculate Ith (I thermal) for curent transformer

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How can we reduce the reactive power consumption of your 12.5 MVA power transformer.

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