What is the formula of frequency ?

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In case of HV test on medium voltage cables, BS is asking for 4 U0 where as IEC is asking for 3.5 U0. Can any one advise me how this 3.5 times or 4 times U0 is derived?

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what is the effect of change in supply frequency on load angle of synchronous motor,all other parameters remaining same?

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if field winding of synchronous generator are shorted on each other will it start or burn or run for short time like induction motor

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What is a LBB protection and why it is used?

2 Answers   Gridco,

what kind of technical test that i need to learn because i have an interview tomorrow.. please someone help me..

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what is an rmu?its circuit diagram.functions

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what is the role of energy meter in distribution system ???? technical and non technical losses in distribution system????

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what is kondo syatem in eletrical traction

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i want to know that how the height of Ct ,cvt ,LA calculated on the basis of creepage distance

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what do u understand from filter factor of reactor?

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Triping principle of ELCB&RCCB? wht is the difference between these two?

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