Why to use propyl paraben in HPLC gradient calibration

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What is a base line?

2 Answers  

how can give the expiry period and restadardisation of volumetric solution

0 Answers   Meenaxy Pharma, SRF,

why KBr is used in FTIR SPECTROSCOPY and why is it necessary to triturate KBr during FTIR analysis?

25 Answers   Lupin, Hikal, Wockhardt,

How you can calculate pKa ?

6 Answers   Dr Reddys,

how to prepare low ppm solution from high ppm solution ?

1 Answers  


6 Answers  

As per OOT for any product what is calculation and how to invetigate the OOT

3 Answers   Hetero, Aurobindo,

hi i am m.sc organic chem and complete analytical lab tech dipolma now job in qc many time ask question you in m.sc organic why job in qc please help me i can not give proper ans please tell me

3 Answers   Natco, Arch Pharmalabs,

What is the principle of hplc detectors like.. UV detector,flurosence detector, RID?

0 Answers   Cipla,

how pyridine can be analysed other than GC?

1 Answers  

some compound havving uv region but not give much more response during hplc analysis

2 Answers  

Why sometime potassium ortho phosphate mix with acetone use for sample preparation for hplc

0 Answers  

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