Why to use propyl paraben in HPLC gradient calibration

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why we are taking 85 ml of concentrated HCl to prepare 1N Solution

4 Answers   SG Phyto Pharma,

why hydrogen and zero air used for flame ignition in gc?

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why PH range 0-14 explain

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In method developement or in any analysis if we use small length column for analysis what happen then ? why ?

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How we will choose pH of a mobile phase if analyte pKa value is 4

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How can the GC or HPLC method is selected to determine the impurity profile in drug product?

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Difference between c18

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What is difference between FID and TCD in gas chromatography

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What is the difference between Chromatograhic Purity And Related substances

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How to start the dissolution development for unknown tab?

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what is the identification test of volatile substance? what is volatile compound?

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