Why we have to add 200mg Na2CO3 in preparation of 0.1N sodium thiosulfate solution?

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why all liquid raw materials fallows residue on evaporation at 105Degree temp. but methanol bp 60Degree

1 Answers   Biocon,

why r u using Holmium Oxide in UV calibration

3 Answers   Reddy Labs, IPCA,

pH range of methanol and acetic acid is ........

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Why purity angle should be less than purity threshold in peak purity

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What is the chemical formula for Protein

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what is the difference between poolymer concrete and normal concrete

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What is the difference between Assay and Purity?

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define electrochemistry?

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Hai friends my name is Radha. I am selected in the sbi clerk exam held on november 2009. I am a chemistry graduate. What type of questions they will ask in the internviews. Any body having the answer please send to my mail id radhaswedha@rediffmail.com

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what is beer-lamberts law

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Sir, please give me previous year question paper for RRB for the post CHEMICAL AND METALLOGICAL ASSISTANT.

0 Answers   RRB,

suppose u got 2 or more maxima in the uv spectrophotometer then what u can do

2 Answers   Hetero,

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