Why we have to add 200mg Na2CO3 in preparation of 0.1N sodium thiosulfate solution?

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why using HCLO4 in potentiometry?. what are the chacterestics of HCLO4.

0 Answers   Biocon, RKM,

what is beer-lamberts law

4 Answers  

suppose u got 2 or more maxima in the uv spectrophotometer then what u can do

2 Answers   Hetero,

how can i plating of brass in golden colour

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what is sink level

2 Answers   Reddy Labs,

why r u using Holmium Oxide in UV calibration

3 Answers   Reddy Labs, IPCA,

what is an alloy

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Q1. Why did you enter the field of chemistry? Q2. What has motivated you to take chemistry as your professional subject and have you motivated anyone towards your field?

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in coupling reactions,why we are using cocatalistand what the use of tetrakis and dikis

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What is the chemical formula for Protein

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PLease give me the list of normal phase hplc column

3 Answers   Micro Labs,

wich element has 39 neutrons

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