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Piramal Healthcare Interview Questions
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why should we give u job ?

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Why only Water & Sodium Tatrate Is Use For THe Calibration Of Karl Fischer Titrator?

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What is the Range Of Infra red Spectrum?

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why we r used APFC Panel in industrial area.when P.F. low then wat will be the effect in our system?

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we are using three transformer 33000/430 vac for three separet block.all three transformer have three LT panel separetly. can be Interconnected all three panel through bus coupler. this is permissable or not by state electricity board.

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what is the full form of OTC?

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any meter avilable for measureing the Transformer Losses. ( like Voltmeter for voltage & ammiter for currenr )if yes plz give the make & supplier address, Email, Phone number.


hi can you give any body fault level calculation, generator fault level calculation,transformer fault level calculation for system fault level with equation? i have 3.3kv generation voltage three gas gen sets, one is 1.9MW,2nd is 2.5MW,& 3rd is 3.8MW & i have 11 kv generation voltage one gas gen sets is 3.8MW, we are step up to 22kv by transformer

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what is the effect of power factor in electrical circuit ? if we mainten power factor near about unity (0.999) our energy consumption Units increase or decrease?

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What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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Sir,In our company there are 3 caterpillar make(capacity:(1) 3.3KV,2.5MW(2)3.3KV,2.5MW & (3)3.3KV,1.9MW) & 1 deutz make (capacity:11KV,3.8MW)gas engines utilised,all are running in paralell. There are three transformer utilised,(1) 6.25MVA,3.3KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:6.7% used for two generator,both are 2.5MW(2)5.5MVA,3.3KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:7.2% used for one generator of 2.5MW & (3) 5.5MVA,11KV/22KV,Impedence voltage:7.8% used for one generator of 2.5MW.all generator breakers capacity of 1250Amps. Sir,I want the details of fault level calculation of generator,transformer individually & for whole system. If you require any information from me.feel free for contact me the answer of my question as the earliest as possible.


what is sink condition in Dissolution?

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how can you define the PH

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What is serialization?

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why are not used methonol in kf titrator to find out water content in ketones?

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