what is the ATS .And how it works.

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how can i select the cable ratings

4 Answers  

In oil transformer which oil is used & what should be the insulation resistance & heating capacity.

2 Answers  

what are all types of cross section in AC cables?

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what's the reson that,Load is not same on VFD I/P and O/P Side.whenever DOL condition load is same I/P and O/P side.

1 Answers  

electric shock is due to current r voltage.?

12 Answers   National Steel, TCS,

please I wont know how to calculate the vector group for power transformer ZNyn11 best regard.

0 Answers   Al Rasikh,

what is the formula to convert from KVAr to current?

1 Answers   Halcrow International Partnership,

what is the purpose of neutral grounding resistor (NER) and why?

8 Answers   CBRE, Square Textiles,

show me the diagram of three phase wiring and also tell me hoe to take the readings of megger testing

2 Answers  

what is the meaning and difference between ELECTRICAL DRAWOUT and MANUAL DRAWOUT?

3 Answers  

Fot testing new star-delta 132 kw motor in electrical worshop.we should check in star or delta connection as we do not have higher capacity cable in worshop?

4 Answers   Adani,

we use 3 phase supply for induction motor why not use two phase supply .

4 Answers   TLC,

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