Why it is recommended to add verification checks to your all
your scenarios?

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

As a manual tester what will do from day one getting the project and till signoff?

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What is the difference between manual testing and automation testing?

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What features of sqlserver is generally used in database testing

3 Answers   Mastek,

what are the different testing methodologies and testing techniques? Am asked in interview that what is the defect age? I replied that the time gap between the defect reporting and defect resolving. then the interviewer asked me if at all the defect is not resolved then what is the defect age of that particular defect? can anybody answer this?

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When a project was started in an organisation ,Testing team will get BRS & FRS documents and starts preparing the Test cases for the application.when the Build was released whether the Testing team will execute only the written Test cases (or) they may update further testcases

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Which testing approach you follow to test ATM machine?

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How to write test cases for nevigating menus? Ex. Course -Topics -Subtopics

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what is peer test?

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When are the followings prepared: 1.Software Test Plan 2.User Acceptance Test Plan

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Wat type of questions ll be asked in interview for an 1-2 yrs. experinced persond and i need some database concept question in testing.

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Difference between the HotFix,ShowStopper and critical bug?

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Write the test cases for sending a message through mobile phone (assuming all the scenarios )Its urgent .....

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