How would you create multiple observations from a single observation?

How would you create multiple observations from a single observation?..

Answer / viditmalhotra89

using Proc transpose

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If reading an external file to produce an external file, what is the shortcut to write that record without coding every single variable on the record?

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Can you calculate the mean, median and mode of the following data set using data step logic? Don't use any function or procedure. data a; input age @@; datalines; 22 32 32 32 43 23 24 56 45 54 28 29 27 26 25 28 30 20 18 37 36 47 46 56 19 20 ; run; I have calculated the mean which i have posted in the answer section.

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who is the best SAS clinical Trainer in Hyderabad?

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I am looking to buy a sas advance book. So any one can guide me that which one i should buy.

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In this question, I rename the numeric variable phone to numphone and then try use phone=put(numphone,comma16.) to store the numeric value numphone as a string value in phone. But I get a warning tha numphone already exists and in the data sat phone doesnt exist and numphone is set to missing. Why? data names_and_more; input Name $20. Phone : comma16. Height & $10. Mixed & $8.; Name = tranwrd(Name,' ',' '); rename phone = numphone; phone = put(numphone,comma16.); datalines; Roger Cody 9,087,821,234 5ft. 10in. 50 1/8 Thomas Jefferson 3,158,488,484 6ft. 1in. 23 1/2 Marco Polo 8,001,234,567 5Ft. 6in. 40 Brian Watson 5,183,551,766 5ft. 10in 89 3/4 Michael DeMarco 4,452,322,233 6ft. 76 1/3 ;

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What is your weekness? I am confuse what to say about this question. so can u give some answer which can be yur strenght.

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Do you need to rearrange the order of the data for the report?

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i have a dataset with 25 obs; 10th obs has like ramu,anji,ramu,azad,ramu like this. i want to know how many times the word repeats in that obs?

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data data1; input dt account; format dt date9.; cards; 1745 1230 1756 1120 1788 1130 1767 1240 ; data data2; input startdt enddt total; format startdt date9. enddt date9.; cards; 1657 1834 12300 1557 1758 16800 1789 1789 12300 1788 1345 12383 1899 1899 13250 ; proc sql; create table data3 as select * from data1 as x left join data2 as y on x.dt>=y.startdt and x.dt<=y.enddt; quit; Here, we are getting cartision product. But,I want left join report consisting of this program. It should not get duplicate values. you can modify the program also.

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is there any difference between proc summary and proc means?

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You need to create an In List that it is to be later used in a Where Clause that includes all the Regions that begin with the letter A from the table. Using PROC SQL with an into clause create the following string from the table using the variable region “AFRICA”,”ASIA”,…..

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what is study design in while working with SAS? what are screening variables in SAS?

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