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Why we are use dol starter up to 10 hp

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can u tell the difference between star-star transformer and delta to delta transformer.

3 Answers   Videocon,

What is a charge.?

4 Answers  

what is the diff. between x'mer , isolation x'mer & ultra-isolation x'mer ?????????????

0 Answers   ABB,

Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a hard time on creating a program for 2 lamps blinking alternately with this button characteristics: 1.) One push button (starts upon pressing) 2.) Same push button (when pressed again, will pause the system) 3.) Same push button (when pressed again, will continue the paused system) 4.) Same push button (when pressed within 2 seconds, will shut off the system) Pls..i know this is just a simple problem for you guys..

2 Answers  


12 Answers   NTPC, Voltech,

How do we calculate tranmission line losses of a 132 KV tranmsission line. Please give some quick tips?

2 Answers  

Why the meters sonnected to metering core of CT are not damagedon event of a fault??? Explain the phenomena??

1 Answers   Schneider,

A wattmeter is marked 15 A/30A, 300V/600V and its scale is marked up to 4500 watt. When the meter is connected for 30A, 1600V, the pointer indicates 2000 watts. The actual power in the circuit in

1 Answers   Jindal,

specify the inbuilt protections in DG

0 Answers  

Difference between hopkinson and swinburne's test

1 Answers  

How out of step protection relay works?

0 Answers   APL,

When a single pase capacitor run motor- run on 230vac and Case(1)run with 8 Mfd 250 vac.capacitor , Case( 2) run with 8 Mfd 400vac capacitor. What is difference between both case regarding power ,efficiency etc?

0 Answers  

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