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how we can calculate the load appeared on programable logic controller.and what is the method to calculate the scan time of PLC.

0 Answers   Siemens,

How to calculate the angle in electrical transmission line

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Question 97 - Two viruses a and b with masses of Ma and Mb are moving at velocities of Va and Vb respectively, facing towards each other and collide. After collision both masses of Ma and Mb disappear. (a) Find the total momentum available for both a and b. Hint : momentum = mass x velocity = M x V. (b) Guess the total energy E generated from the disappearance of a and b. Let c to be the velocity of light. Hint : E is equal to M c square.

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what is the work of commutator and brush in motor

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i want MEIL placementt papers

0 Answers   MEIL,

What is the neutral voltage in practical AC systems

0 Answers   VCMS Technologies,

Handpump harness water dont go back.Why?

1 Answers   Focus Energy,

what should be the recommended BDV of an oil transformer???

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How can u find reactive loads(Kvar)?

0 Answers   econ,

Difference between ac and dc

0 Answers   Eaton,

Why patra you join

0 Answers   Patra Corporation,

How does an Accumulator works?

0 Answers   Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd HECL,