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explain ht breaker in a detailed way??

1 Answers   Reliance,

How to calculate the angle in electrical transmission line

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what is the work of commutator and brush in motor

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how we can calculate the load appeared on programable logic controller.and what is the method to calculate the scan time of PLC.

0 Answers   Siemens,

speed control by the variation of field flux result in 1- constant power drive 2-variable torque drive

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Methodology for calibration for ctm.... Explain in simple way pls

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what should be the recommended BDV of an oil transformer???

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i want MEIL placementt papers

0 Answers   MEIL,

What is the full form of cable type-ayry

0 Answers   TATA,

How can u find reactive loads(Kvar)?

0 Answers   econ,

why we use transformers?

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What is the neutral voltage in practical AC systems

0 Answers   VCMS Technologies,