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Can we use Ccapacitive voltage transformer directly for metering purpose?

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hi this toufik here. i am doing my i am in final year and supposed to do a project in this year so i thinking to control the buchholz relay using software base means checking the status of transformer oil using microcontroler, plc or scada. so can i do so...??? alz suggest me...

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hi, i finished eee in 2008, im worked in dg sets mfg company , now i left job in 6months back, now again i want get job core side, how can i get? is there any couses we have learn to get better oppurtunity? /

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wht is embedded systems? what is new inthis field?

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What happens if the series current double?

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What does a Bode plot tell you?

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How we can change the direction of rotation of Induction motor? Prove it using graphical methods.

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i have 2kv ups how many watts batteries is required

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Why phase sequence must be same in any ht motor or generator circuit?if phase sequence doesn't same whatever will be affect on circuit?

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how to calculate voltage drop and followed by cable calculation?is there avail in formula?

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How can i calculate the Breaking capacity of molded case circuit breaker, is the breaking capacity of CB for Diesel generator shall be less than grid supply's breaker ?

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A 60w bulb & a room heater are connected in series.if 60 w bulb is replaced by 100w then what will be the effect on heater out & why?

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How can we get electric power from lighting ?

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