What is the wave equation for the sound waves encountered in smart cell phones, specifically android?

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4 Answers   Wipro,

I am totally confused where to go whether software orelse hardware field. basically in graduation our lecturer taught only theory knowlege,so its very to for me in which field i should go.

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We use PSWA card in which case?

0 Answers   NSN,

What are the active wastes in nuclear submarrine and how they disposed or dump?

0 Answers   BARC,

Suppose, I m talking with mine friend and I m going to market by car(setting).After some distance passed, mine call will be handover to other site, this site allready going on with full trafic than mine call will be drop or handover to the same site .....

6 Answers   Airtel,

wht diff bet single & three phase?

3 Answers  

what is isdn.

5 Answers  

what is meant by communication?

15 Answers   Assurgent,

What amplifier

3 Answers  

What is optical fiber?

6 Answers   CTS,

What is the need of Super heterodyne tuning in AM receivers?? Q - factor problem also arise at RF amplifier tuner also???

2 Answers   BARC,

What are difference between KVA & KW.

3 Answers   Bosch,

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