How can you get the number of rows impacted by the last executed query?

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Can we use select * statement in cobol program without giving field names ???

3 Answers   Zensar,

How to create a table using embedded sql?

1 Answers  

What are delete-connected tables?

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Why PS file called Physical seqential file?How to sore data in sequential file and ESDS file? What is the use of DBRM,PLAN,package and Collection.

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How would one remove old reorg information from the DB2 catalog?

2 Answers  

in the CURSOR declare statement, if i am using an where clause and trying to compare the value with a host-varialble. EXEC SQL DECLARE C1 CURSOR FOR SELECT DEPTNO, DEPTNAME, MGRNO FROM DEPARTMENT WHERE ADMRDEPT = :ADM-DEPT Where would i need to provide value to this host-variable in the where clause. how could i pass value to this host-variable to check it.

2 Answers   iGate,

What is the COBOL picture clause of the following DB2 data types: DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP?

3 Answers  

What is a lock?

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why should we bind the DB2 program . What if we did not BIND a BD2 program ??

9 Answers   Infosys, Xansa, TCS,

What if , we failed to mentioed null indicator in sql select query , that may retrieve null value ?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

i have a table like this : Name ADDRESS Toto 123 ... Toto 456 ToTo 678 I would like to delete 2 last row...please tell me how to delete its

5 Answers   EDS,

Can we install 2 different versions of Db2 on same mainframe?

3 Answers