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In IR spectra, generally a molecule vibrates without apply emr or ir light?

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NMR is both qualitative and quantitative?EXPLAIN

2 Answers  

What is the optimum period of storage of indicators?

1 Answers   Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals,

how calibrate the hplc detector

2 Answers   Cipla, Shraddha Analytical Services,

What is the difference between specified impurity and Identified impurity

3 Answers   Glenmark,

Why six unit used for precision?

0 Answers  

a bottle of concerntrated HCL (36.5) was labelled as 37% (w/w) and density 1.19m/l.What is hcl molarity?

8 Answers  

How to select Sample concentration in RS analysis?example.

1 Answers  

Which are the diffrent grades of api in pharma?

0 Answers  

what is the identification test of volatile substance? what is volatile compound?

1 Answers  

why digestion require in icpms?

0 Answers  

what is difference b/w spectroscopy, Spectrometry and Spectrophotometry ?

1 Answers   Reddy Labs,

Why are using in Hi,zero air, Ni gass are used GC

5 Answers   Aurobindo, ELBS, Vimta Labs,

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