How we paste the Granite Slabs at External Wall?Is there any chemical compound material was using?

How we paste the Granite Slabs at External Wall?Is there any chemical compound material was using?..

Answer / praveen

Power grab n bond

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Respected Sir, I am from a hilly place called Darjeeling ,I have constructed house of 9 column out of which 4 of the column is under water , i have put rcc slab on top and on top of the rcc slab i have construced two room house with bricks and light roof , now i am planning to change the light roof with rcc slab for the two room, my main concern is will the column under water will hold the load of the new rcc slab coz it already 10 to 12 yrs old , i dont know what to do , can u advice me regarding this matter, weather to leave the upper floor roof light or make it rcc slab.(If i put the slab , it will require 45bags of cement and u calculate how much of steel and sand and pebbles) thanks with regard Anand

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