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why we not use caffeine at 205nm for hplc calibration?

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Difference between calibration and validation

2 Answers   Cipla, Zydus Cadila,

The densest liquid is. .(A)kerosene. (B)water. (C)mercury. (D)oil

4 Answers   Hetero,

why most of the organic compounds gives absorption spectra rather than emission spectra?

2 Answers   SynGen,

What is the hybridization at nitrogen?

0 Answers  

what is lithipone?

6 Answers   Dr Reddys, Jubilant, Lupin, ONGC, Reddy Labs,

what is king of chemicals?

13 Answers   Ranbaxy,

Why some type of assays having limit 98% to102%? (if any compound having assay limit 100)

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what is the defferance between ion and an ion

1 Answers  

What is difference between high pressure gradient and low pressure gradient ?

2 Answers   Aurobindo, Lee Pharma,

how u will separate aceticacid and benzoicacid ,but without water.

3 Answers  

which question ask me in grasim in inerview?

0 Answers   Grasim,

How to determine water content of Light diesel Oil ?

1 Answers   GSK GlaxoSmithKline,

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