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why watermelon is red

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why watermelon is red ..

Answer / jas

because in watermelon citrulline which is the aminoacid present in watermelon so it is red.

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why watermelon is red ..

Answer / satwant rao

A compound
citrulene is
present in
watermelon in
which a large no.
Of conjugated
system is found
its absorbance is
much so it is red in

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why watermelon is red ..

Answer / msubrata90

Watermelons have a red colour on the inside due to high levels on lycopene. This pigment is also found in tomatoes and the pink grapefruit. This is a fat soluble anti-oxidant.

Presence of citrulline is responsible for its viagra like effect.

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why watermelon is red ..

Answer / guest

citric acid is present is there

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