What is the difference between general trade

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What is the difference between general trade..

Answer / shahid iqbal

General Trade is basically traditional and conventional
retail selling as well as modern trade is a new type of
selling introduced in last 3 decay in which product is sold
to new big accounts or institutions in which although
companies do not earn financially more margins butt earn
more marketing in low cost.

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What is the difference between general trade..

Answer / shambhu kumar

In simple language general trade is a type of sale quite match with traditional sale strategy where no any modernization will comes of seen.Another word in modern trade sale it will completely look like with better instruction, low margin, high marketing and easy rich to customer hand and easily understanding with customer need.

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What is the difference between general trade..

Answer / indranil

General trade also known as traditional trade, is basically a trade on road sides or in an unorganized trail outlet.
On the other hand, modern trade involves latest infrastructure with elegant set up and also the uise of e-commerce.

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What is the difference between general trade..

Answer / shibu kumar

General trade is basically purely retailing,whereas Modern trade refers to selling the products to the institutions like big industrial houses.

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