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What is mean A32 B32 C32 D32 in mcb(miniature circuit breaker)

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What is mean A32 B32 C32 D32 in mcb(miniature circuit breaker)..

Answer / sudipto jena

hello,this is sudipto,from rourkela
In the above question ,there is a alphabet and then two
digits are present in the code.The digits are for current
carrying capacity. Here the mcb can carry 32 A of ac current
Now the alphabet stands for the type of mcb, taking
overloading and tripping time of mcb in account.
A for 1.5 to 2 times of overload current and tripping time
about 70 ms
B for 3 to 5 times of overload current and tripping time
about 50-60 ms
C for 5 to 10 times of overload current and tripping time
about 35-45 ms
D for 10 to 15 times of overload current and tripping time
about 20 ms
Generally for residential wiring we use D type for the
purpose of protecting from short ckt fault.

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What is mean A32 B32 C32 D32 in mcb(miniature circuit breaker)..

Answer / manikandan krishnan

First Digit A denotes tripping Curve and second two digits are rating of the breaker..Normally C curve withstand 7-10 time of FLC,D - 10-14 TIMES AND B CURVE is 3.2-4.8 TIMES OF FLC.

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