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What is the difference between kg/cm2 / Bar /psi in pressure

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What is the difference between kg/cm2 / Bar /psi in pressure units?..

Answer / yogesh chauhan

1 bar = 100000 pascal
1 pascal = 1 N/m2
1kg =10N
m2 = 10000 cm2
kg/cm2 = 0.001 pascal
kg/cm2 = 1x10^-8 bar

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What is the difference between kg/cm2 / Bar /psi in pressure units?..

Answer / sam

kg/cm² and bar are similar in numerical value, and differ by a factor of 0.981 as bar units are based on force (N), and the gravitational constant needs to be applied when converting from mass (kg). If the gravitational constant were to change, then the force (and therefore pressure) exerted by 1kg would change proportionally, so the conversion would be different on the moon (for example).

1 m² = 1x10^4 cm²
g = 9.81 N/kg (on earth!), so 1 kg x g = 9.81 N
1 Pa = 1 N/m²
1 bar = 100 kPa = 1x10^5 Pa

Therefore 1 kg/cm² = 1x10^4 kg/m² = 9.81x10^4 N/m² = 9.81x10^4 Pa = 0.981 bar

(You could perform similar conversions for psi, if you ignore that it's the 21st century...)

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