Following questions were asked in Capegemini on 8th sep,2012
mainframe test

1.)Condition code for dul recors in VSAM-
2.) Is NULL or =NULL in Select statement
3.)max size of CI
4.)What happens after CI is full
5.)Ques on COND parameter
6.)which among following can not be rolled back a)delete table
b.)droptable c)Update d.)insert
7.)groupby and orderby sql querries
8.)Max extents in VSAM file
9.)quesn on DPRTY=(1,10)
10.)range of condition codes in COBOL
11.)occurs clase can not be used at which level?
12.)delimiter in jcl
13.)sort card for file in PGM=SORT
14.)PIC(6) value 120056 possible?
15)question on BLKSIZE Is (20,20) and (20,10) possible?
16.)number of bytes in RDF
17.)Can we use index in WS-section or LK-section
18.)Verify command in IDCAMS used for?
19.)question on Alternate Index
20.)Return code of file attribute mismatch
21.)In which format COBOL variables stored?
22.)what is Alternate of HANDLE?
23.)can SUM,AVG,MIN,ROUND used in numeric and char variable
data types?
24.)What is the datatype of FILE STATUS codes in WS-section?

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Following questions were asked in Capegemini on 8th sep,2012 mainframe test 1.)Condition code fo..

Answer / bejjanki

I'm answering those questions which i'm aware.

2) IS NULL is correct
6) Droptable
7) Groupby is used to club rows based on a condition, order
by is used to sort based on a column
8) 123 extents(Non-Contiguous locations)
9) Dprty is used to execute steps based on condition.
Dprty = 1 + (16*10) = 161
10) 0-4095
11) 01 Level
12) Delimiter(/*) is used to tell where our instream ends
13) sort fields=copy
14) There is a syntx error you have mentioned pic(6) here
you are not mentioning the data type..If it is PIc X(6)
Or PIC 9(6) then we can store 120056 in it.
15) Question is not clear
16) 4 bytes
17) We are not supposed to use index in WS or LK section
21) That depends on how u declare. By default it's is
stored in display format(character)
22) Handle? I haven't heard about this
23) It's used in Numeric or alphanumeric not in alphabetic
24) PIC 9(2) I mean 2 bytes

I have answered 15 out of 24...Let me know if you have any
questions - Mail me @

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Following questions were asked in Capegemini on 8th sep,2012 mainframe test 1.)Condition code fo..

Answer / vids

20. 39 file attribute mismatch

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