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i made lan connections ,then how can i establish the
network....with that connections only is the network is
established ...tell me the procedure for giving the lan
connection for some(10) pc's?

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what kind of questions generally asked for ME admission, (specially in RGPV).

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An integer number is said to be a perfect number if its factors, including 1 but not the number itself, sum to the number. For example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 = 1 + 2 + 3. Write a Java program, which finds and prints all perfect numbers that are less than 1600.

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if Papers-5,Pens-3,Pencils-2, Brought for 105Rs.Then Papers-10,Pens-7,Pencils-5.Then what is the cost of a Single Pen?

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which is having more efficiency smaller power plant or bigger power plant? why?

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What do u mean constructor in java ?

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Write a shell script to delete all files present in a directory “dir1”. Any error, if it occurs while carrying out this operation should be stored in a file errorlog

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how can i write a program in c of SPARCE MATRIX(data structure)?

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What is Platform?

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in which website , i can able to get the electrical basics.?????????????

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write a program to print only the largest number between elements of an 1-d array?

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What is your Job Profile in IT feild.

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21. Find d Odd one out? a. LINUX b. WINDOWS 98 c. SOLARIS d. SMTP b. JAVA b. LISP c. Small talk d. Eiffel c. HTTP b. ARP c. SMTP d. SAP d. Linux NT c. SQL server d. UNIX e. SAP b. ARP c. WAP d.TCP IP f. Oracle b. Linux c. Ingress d. DB2 g. SMTP b. WAP c. SAP d. ARP h. WAP b. HTTP c. BAAN d. ARP i. SQL b. DB2 c. SYBASE d. HTTP

3 Answers   TCS, Tech Mahindra,

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