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can any body explain about plan and pakage in detail....

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can any body explain about plan and pakage in detail......

Answer / ashish kumar

A DB2 bind is a process that builds an access path to DB2

A BIND process establishes a relationship between an APPLICATION
A plan is an executable module containing the access path logic
produced by the Db2 optimizer. It can be composed of one or
more DBRMs and packages.
The plans are available in the Catalog table SYSIBM.SYSPLAN

DB2 Bind compiles all your sql statements(dbrm) into an
executable format.
It uses DB2 Optimizer to create the better access path.
Package is the executable access path code for the sql
statements in the DBRM

Plan contains package list which is nothing but pointers to

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can any body explain about plan and pakage in detail......

Answer / srinivasa gudla

A package is single bound DBRM with optimized access paths.
It contains location identifier, collection Identifier and
package identifier.

A package can have multiple versions, each with it's own
version identifier

Advantages of Packages,
Reduce the Bind Time.
Can provide BIND options at programmer level.

As Ashish mentioned above, Plan contains packages list which
is nothing but Pointers. whenever you are doing changes in
SQL staetments related to particular DBRM . Then only that
particular Packages needs to be rebind not the Plan. This is
similar to recompiling a sub program not the main program.

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