How will you review test cases?

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / senz

Review of TC is checking the written TCs by a colleague or
test lead in order to know that those are correct or any
misunderstandings in the requirements or anything missed

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / sharad chaudhary

after creating test case when review will strat we are
simple checking all client requirment are fullfil and
these requirment are mation for right set of action .

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / shiva

Please mail the Requirement Tracibility Matrix templete to
also my mail id :

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / geetha

plz mail me the requirement tracibility matrix for me


thanks in advance

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / sandeep

Utility Value: The first thing to review in a test case is its utility value. Is this test case required? Is this testing something which has already been covered in some other test case? Is this testing something too little? There has to be definite value which this test case provides. And it should test a requirement or feature which is mentioned in the specifications of the system.
Test Case Objective: When you go through the test case for review, check if you are able to understand the objective of the test case. A good test case should have a single objective. In case there are multiple objectives that are being tested, then you should recommend that the complex test case be broken down into more simple test cases.
Pre-Requisites: Does the test case require any special setup to be done before execution? Is there any action to be taken before-hand? Has this been mentioned clearly in the test case?
Steps: Does the test case contain step wise instructions to be followed for executing the test case? Can a new tester attain the objective by following the test steps? If not, then the test case writer is presuming some steps, and has missed to put in the necessary steps in the test case.
Inputs: The test case should clearly specify what values to be given as inputs in the test case. Nowhere should it have instructions mentioning, enter any number, or string, as that may cause the test case to return different results every time.
Language: The language used in the test case should be simple and unambiguous. There should be no scope for interpreting the test case in any other manner except the desired one.
Results: A good test case should clearly mention what is the expected result and behaviour of the system. Determination of whether the test passes or fails should be fairly straight forward.
Clean-up: If the test case has changed the state of the system in such a way that subsequent test cases may get affected, then it should have steps which undo these changes to ensure there is no impact on the subsequently executing tests.
Dependencies: Does this test case have any dependencies with any other test cases? Are they to be executed before or after this test case? If yes, this too needs to be clearly documented in the test case. Ideally every test case should have its own individuality with no dependencies on others. Where it cannot be avoided, then it should be documented very clearly.
Documentation: A test case should clearly mention the name of the author, the test case priority (if applicable), and the specific requirement which it tests so as to help in doing traceability to find out the test coverage.

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / raghavendra kc

Test case review requires following check points:

1.whether test cases covered all the use case scenarios mentioned in requirement document. This can be verified by using Requirement Tracability Matrix or can prepare own xl sheet to track use case coverage
2. Whether Test Case objecive meets the functionality properly and understandable by others
3. Test Steps includes Pre condition, test steps, expected results maps the use case/requirement specification and are understandable.

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / vidya

I am agree with Kishore Kumar.
Kishore u r rite.

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / akanksha goel

Please mail the Requirement Tracibility Matrix templete to

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / amit

Hi guys,

i read above all the answers, can anyone of u plz mail me d
design with example,how does this Requirement Tracibility
Matrix looks like ? please mail me at:
Right now we just go through srs/frs to make test cases.
Please do this favor by mailing me this, in excel sheet.

Thnx so much,

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How will you review test cases?..

Answer / srinivasreddy.b

what is exact answer i am so much confusion.

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