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write test case for banking application

write test case for banking application..

Answer / karthick elangovan

1.Verify that user is able to login with valid username and password
2.Verify that user is able to perform basic financial transactions
3.Verify that user is able to add a beneficiary with valid name and account details
4.Verify that user is able to make financial transactions to added beneficiary
5.Verify that user is able to add decimal number into amount ( limited by 2 numbers)
6.Verify that user is not able to add negative number into amount field.
7.Verify that user is allowed to transfer money only if there is proper account balance.
8.Verify that there is a confirmation check for financial transactions
9.Verify that user is given an acknowledgment receipt upon successful financial transaction.
10.Verify that customer is able to send money to multiple people
11.Verify that user is allowed to change password
12.Verify that account details reflect financial transactions also.
13.Verify that user with invalid password is not allowed to login.
14.Verify that after repeated attempts to login with incorrect password( as per the limits), user should be blocked.
15.Verify that time-out feature is implemented
16.Verify that if either of the username or password is blank, user is not allowed to login. User should be given an alert also

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