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what is your back ground in undergraduation?

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what is your back ground in undergraduation? ..

Answer / naman h patel

My back ground in undergraduation is bachelor of
Electronics & Communication Engineer.

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what is your back ground in undergraduation? ..

Answer / guest

My Background in undergraduation is Bachelors of
Information Technology

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what is your back ground in undergraduation? ..

Answer / cad

What so ever is your bachlors grades, say him that you have
completed your bachlors with good grades in time with last
year internship(practical experiance)

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I have rcvd my I20 and would be opting for VISA interview soon. Is there some kind of monthly quota of visas ? Taking an interview around 20th April or 1st week of May. will be there any difference in VISA quota for the counsular

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why is there large amount of money infusion ,as shown in the passbook?

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why did u get less scores in gre and torfl

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Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

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im already done my mba planning to do THIS PARTICULAR COURSE MBA(IT).but my 12th and graduation is science how can i convinced vo?

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my name is imran i am stdent from india i have applied for ms in technology and got i 20 from 3 university \but there problem in visa interview i have FD of 13 lakhs indian ruppee bank saving of 4 lakh in my account and 4 lakhs in my bro and my another account and fixed assets of worth 30 lakh indian rupee but i got rejected in first interview ..bcoz i can hear what visa officer saying properly bcoz of glass in between and bcoz of this i were not answerd properly i dont know why she rejected my visa applincation when i took date second time that time i made mistake trhat i took date ion emergency services and emergency application is not valid for 2nd time now i am going to takre date third time i want ur hellp what shuld ido so that i will get visa easily ...i am very afraid my college is start from 15 jan ...i have applied for 1 week extention plz help me plz help me is there any way to get visa plz do reply on my email if u (

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my brother went for his visa interview, he had backlogs in his B.E , but he cleared all . the consular asked how many backlogs he has , my brother said the no of backlogs he had. my brother tried to explain about that, but visa officer didn't listen. he plans to take interview again. if the consular asks about backlogs, what he is supposed to answer? can he take visa interview again ? general visa appointment dates are not available. emergency appointments only available. can someone tell how to get appointment date?

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What after ms

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hello , my question is .i have already done masters MCA and i have teaching experience of 4 years. now i want to go for mba. "what if vo ask me u have already done masters and y do u want to go for mba" should i answer them like i want to change my profession ...all like this....plez help me and tell me what type of other question they mey ask...........

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I have applied for a few US universities for MS in EE for fall 09.Passed out B.Tech in 2004 with 67.6% and 9 backlogs,did PGDBA from Symbiosis through distance learning from 2005-2007 and 1 yr Graduate Diploma in Telecomm. Engg from Melbourne,Australia in 2007. My GRE 1250 and ielts 7 i am worried whether the gap in my studies and backlogs can create a problem.Why USA n not Australia for MS?

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Why should i allow you the visa?

2 Answers   3M,

I have done my masters in anthropology and after that I worked for a year in NGO and i am again doing MS in sociology.So how can I show the connection between these two subject and with my job profile too?i have got an admission with a schlorship?so how can i build my confidence and eagerness showing I am really interested in this subject?

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