USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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Why have you chosen this university?

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What do you plan to do after you graduate?

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Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

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How do I know you'll come back after your education?

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Why don't you do this course in your country?

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Do you have any relative in USA?

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Brief me on your assets?

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what were your grades for your undergraduation?

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How many universitiess have you applied to?

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Why not you go for some other university?

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How many i-20s you got?

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And what if I don't give visa for you?

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Why did you choose US ?

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what is your university fee?

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How are you going to pay your tution fee?

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why lamar university


Hey i had 9 backlogs and im gng to us embassy wat is the best reason to give for having 9 backlogs...............plz post best reasons so that i can get visa


What is the synthetic name of transformer oil ?


hi sir.i have my visa interview on 7 jan 2011..i have only one i-20 waiting for other admits..and i have not taken gre...and i have taken ielts and got 5.5..and i have good academic background ssc-76% inter-89% btech-71%(without backlogs)....please tell i will get visa or not...and also what i should answer if visa consulor asks why you have not taken gre....please help me...reply soon....


why did u get less scores in gre and torfl


would it a problem if i am going for a second degree and my spondor is the us?


hii friends... this is vivek iam planning to go to us. i done with my mba hr. i went to uk in jan 10th to complte my last sem. my collge is in hyd and uk. i got 10 months visa.want to apply student visa without tofel or gre can i do.. plzz tell me what should i do?? are there any chances to us.


tell me about urself in educational way.


I have done my B tech in civil engineering in 2005 and since then i m working in same profession as a designer as well as project manager.i wanted to go for higher studies in between but my finances did not allow me.SO now i Got admission from NDSU ,Fargo. Got my i-20 also. They did not require GRE but i gave and got less marks.I don't want to show Marks as its very less marks and can be negative effect....can I go without GRE marks..? Also for I-20, i showed 70% my finances and 30 percent my friend who is working in USA has shown as a sponsor...but now i have arranged the money from bank as a education will they accept that..?if not what document i have to show of my sponsor.


hi, i got my visa rejected bcos of fake documents(financial and experience)... my consultancy opened an account and deposited the amount till my visa interview....and the consulate found it out and i was rejected the f1 visa...i attempted twice again but in vain. so i deffered my admission and i have been issued a fresh i20 and also availed loan from planning to apply for visa but could u please help me out about whether i can get the visa after all that happened and if yes can u give me few tips


i have two rejection on 8-29 dec 2009 i will have new date in july so bank balanc contuny neediy vo always see ca report or inquary in bank


i am chander nd i completed my b-tech with 54%. I am having too many backlogs i.e 21 nd my gre score is 1230,toefel yet to be there any chance for me getting visa,plzz........ reply to my question


Hey! guys i wrote my gre twice, once i got 950 with awa 3 and other time 1050 with awa 3.5, wat do i answer if am posed a question as why 2 attempts ? and why low scores in both the attempts? i got i20 from 3 universities...


i Have Given IELTS 6.5 and NOT GRE or TOEFL and got I_20 from two universities and my VISa date is 3 june.will I get the visa???


After my +2 there is a gap for 2years(due to my mother health).If VO asks me why this gap can i say truely due to my mother,s health problem i have to stop my studies for two years is it ok.suggest me please