USA Student Visa F1 Visa Interview Questions
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Why have you chosen this university?

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What do you plan to do after you graduate?

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Who is paying for your education and what is his/her income?

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How do I know you'll come back after your education?

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Why don't you do this course in your country?

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Do you have any relative in USA?

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Brief me on your assets?

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what were your grades for your undergraduation?

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How many universitiess have you applied to?

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Why not you go for some other university?

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How many i-20s you got?

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And what if I don't give visa for you?

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Why did you choose US ?

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what is your university fee?

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How are you going to pay your tution fee?

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why do you think the university is giving the scholarship to you?


why TeXAS A& M Commerce?WHY COmputers science?


I got 3 rejection 2 in july & one in aug all 3 times i went 4 NYIT for pursuing my Master in computer science. I have done BBA & MEB (Master of E-business) now i ll try in december but this time i have change my uni as well as course This time i ll go for bridgeport uni and my course is MS in Technology mgt, so what would be my ans this time when they ask me why you have change your course? Why you have change your uni? pls ans me on my e-mail id


Hi Friends i completed my and having experience 3 years and no backlogs also i am having only toefl score. Is there is chance of rejection


i had done my MBA and now want to study IELP i got admission for that but my visa had been rejected. what are the chances of getting visa now?


I scored 292 in GRE and 66 in TOEFL ... I want to pursue MS in MIS... will u pls suggest me universities accepting these score?


hii dear boys and girls. i have done an eng diploma from punjab,india. i wanna take admission in california, usa. so pls give me sugestions about colleges in fremont,california,usa.


My student visa was rejected on 24th june.It was due to immigration file.VO thinks that i will not come back to india.I am going for bachelor's degree at pennstate under collaboration program.So if pennstate write a letter to US consulate regarding me that they are taking responsibility of me that i will return to india after my graduation.So what are my chances for visa?


Hi Friends.. I need a small clarification i.e I need Degree(3 Years) and PGDCPA(1 Year).so its reaches US Education requirements right..? and 3 years of my degree was completed in 4 Year i.e actually passout is 2009-2011 but I passed in is any problem for my admission and visa interview time.? Please help me out..? Thanks in Advance...


why did u get less scores in gre and torfl


What are the likely question you be ask at embassy for F1 visa n answer as well


why you change the university ?


Can you tell me some good things about richland college ? 


My toefl score was 78 but I scored very poorly in GRE in both my attempts.But the application requirement was to show toefl score only,I got an admission with an assistantship and now duirng my interview I am planning not to show my GRE score?what if the consular ask me why I havent given GRE cause it seems like mandatory for doing MS?In that case what should my answer be?


I am B.Tech graduate having 56% of aggregate and 33 backlogs. IELTS- 6.5 and GRE- 295. What are the chances of getting visa? Suggest me a few universities, who can accept and issue I20.