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USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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Why did you not leave with your husband? (OR) Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date? (OR) Why did you not come with your husband for interview?

CTS, HCL, Infosys, RP, US Consulate, Wipro,


What will you do after your visa is completed/ expired?

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Since how long he is staying in USA?

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Where were you born?

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When was your engagement?

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Why do you need a visa to USA?


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What is your spouse’s highest degree?

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Do you have any friends or relatives in US?

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How long has your spouse been working for the sponsoring company?


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When did you meet first time?

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What is your husband's full name?

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Have your spouse applied for green card?

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Who will bare the expenses while you are in USA or who will financially support you in the US?

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Why do you want to go in USA?

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Does any of your relative/friend live in USA?

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Un-Answered Questions { USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa }

hi friends iam going for H4 interview along with my husband and 4 months daughter.iam a veterinary doctor though not working .so what kind of questions i could expect from vo officer. thanks in advance


respected sir/mam,my husband is working in us from feb 6,2012 so i am not having his pay slip and bank statement and I-797 form.will u please suggest me.thank u


sir i am studying at US .and my husband works at other country since 4 years. He was trying for the H1B visa to US. if that gets rejected is there an option to come on an dependent visa and get and apply for H1B and get a job


i'm going to apply for H VISA my hubby's resi add in VISA is our old add which he has not updated but mine is new add will there be any probs in interview i have our current resi agreement copy


hi i am going to atten the h4 visa interview........i am a doctor. do they ask me about my education,why ur not going in that visa type...shud i say about my education or shud not disclose that can any ony help me.........


Why did he leave the first job? What was the company's name?What was he working there as?


Why is he staying in California when his company is in Philadelphia


Your husband graduate from which university?


My husband is on H1B visa.I have the photocopy of I797 of my husband with me not the original. I am going for the H4 interview so i would like to know if i should carry original I797 document or the photocopy of I797. do they reject me if I dont carry the original of I797?


Hi, I have baby(10 monthe old) and i want my mother as to be taken care of him with me. Is it possible to take my baby and my mother as dependent with me?


Is your marriage registered?


hi im afreen rafee i got the f1 visa for usa on july 19th 2010 n i tuk differment for jan intake 2011 nw i want to takemy 14 mnths baby along with me infact i got my baby f2 I20.prob is wen i went to interview i said my husband stays in india actually he stays in usa ..anyhow i got the visa but nw wat shd i tell wen i go with my baby ?wat r the chances of getting my baby visa?n also plz send me the qustionaire of dependent visa interview .i iwll b w8in for ur reply n im gng 4 the interview shorly so early reply will b appreciated.


Hi,im shivangi nim having a son 4yrs hubby is in usa n having h1 visa now i have to go there so pls suggest me the questions for h4 dependent visa interview so that i can just get the idea so pls i request to help me....


Who is sponsoring in your husbands H1?


As a foreign applicant, what do you understand about our company before sending your application CV for consideration?