how many type of engine?

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / ram

Two types of engines
1) 2 stroke
2) 4 stroke

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / rahul

disel engine and petrol engine

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / adi

external combustion engine and internal combustion engine

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / adnan majeed

I type Engine
V type Engine
Radial Engine

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / ab_ina7

there are many parameters (almost 10-12) on which engines can be i cant write all please consult a book of thermal engneering

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / shashi

mainly two types of engines
air breathing engine
non air breathing engine

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how many type of engine?..

Answer / saravana kumar

Three types of engine:
1. Water cooled engine.
2. air cooled engine.
3. water and air cooled engine.

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