GANGA 30000
RAJU 20000
PAVAN 25000

GANGA 30000 30000
RAJU 20000 30000
PAVAN 25000 30000

in mapping level how to achive that

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Answer / abhinav

step1:Pass on the source(name,sal) to an expression
create a dummy port and give the value as 1.

In the expression transformation, the ports will be


Step2:Pass only the salary port from source to aggregator
create a dummy port with the same data type as in expression
and give the value as 1
create an output port with Max(Salary)

In the aggregator transformation, the ports will be

Step3:Send the output from the 2 transformation to a joiner
Ensure you have checked the sorted input option.
Join both the transformation on the Dummy port.

Step4:Send the output to the target.

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Answer / davankumar

select name,sal,(select max(sal) from t1) from t1

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Answer / gangadhar799

orcle level you are 100% correct but in informatica level
how to configure mapping

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Answer / shekar

After source qulifier add a expression transformation in
the expression transformation create out put port name it
as maxsal then derive the code for this out put port as
Then pass the output ports from expression to target table.

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Answer / pjr


in aggrigator create on new out_port max_sal=max(sal) then
give connection to tgt MXASAL

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