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what is difference between .dll and .exe files?

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what is difference between .dll and .exe files?..

Answer / suresh kumar verma

EXEs are executable programs while DLLs are libraries loaded
into a process and contain some sort of useful functionality
like security, database access or something.

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what is difference between .dll and .exe files?..

Answer / milind patil

dll means "Dynamic Link Library". Exe means "Executables"
1. These are outbound file.
2. Only one .exe file exists per application.
3. .Exe cannot be shared with other applications.
4. .Exe Can Run On its own
1. These are inbound file .
2. Many .dll files may exists in one application.
3. .dll can be shared with other applications.
4. .dll cannot Run on its own

The DLL is an inprocess component but exe is outprocess
component. When system launches an exe, a new process is
created , for DLL a new process is not created.

DLL is a WIN 32 LIBRARY file, whereas the exe is a WIN32
executable file.

DLL can be reused and versioned. DLL reduces storage space
as different programs/files can use the same dll.

DLL does not have a main function. DLL binding occurs at
runtime. That is why its called "Dynamic Link" library.

EXE has a single main entry point.

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what is difference between .dll and .exe files?..

Answer / ganesh somani

Also EXE contains a main() function from which the program starts, Dll doesn't have such a main() function

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