difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / gtmanikandan

Isolator can be open in off load but Circuit Breaker can be
open or close in off or on loda

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / kunal

An isolator can be operted only at no load condition,because
there is no arc-quenching medium in isolator,where as
breaker can be operated at both On-load condition & off-load
condition,since it has arc-quenching medium.

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / suresh

You cant open a Isolator under load, while CB can be.

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / esam hamdy

An isolator is the gate of the voltage while a breaker is
the gate of the current in a bay. The isolator opens and
closes only on zero current while the breaker opens and
closes on zero current, full load current and short circuit
current so, the breaker has arc-quenching medium and the
isolator has not.

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / trimurty prasad

Isolator can oparate in witout load.in ckt breaker we can
oprate with load and fault condition also.

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / dharmesh

Circuit Breaker is a device which can
Make or break circuit under normal conditions either manually or through remote control.
Isolator or Isolating Switch is a device which is used to disconnect a part of the system for maintanance purpose and repairs.Isolator can open a circuit under no load condition only.If two isolators are connected on either sides of circuit breaker,then the circuit breaker must be opened before opening the isolators.
After perfoming maitanancee work on the circuit breaker,isolators must be closed first and then the circuit breaker must be closed to bring the system into operation.

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????..

Answer / sakkaravarthi soganur arakonam

isolator is on off-load devices,
circuit breaker is on - load device

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