1.What is caching? What are the different types of caching?
2.Is there any feature like summing total in crystal report?

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Answer / satish reddy

Caching means just storing the frequently used itmes in
memory . Caching is a tried and tested technique for
performance improvement.

Two types of output caching,

1.Page output caching:- It adds the response of page to
cache object. Later when page is requested page is displayed
from cache rather than creating the page object and
displaying it. page output caching is good if the site is
fairly static.

2.Page fragment caching:- it parts of the page are changing,
you can wrap the static sessions as user controls and cache
the user controls using page fragment caching.

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Answer / naresh

Answer to 2nd question:
Yes, There are options in crystal reports for summing up
the records. You can sum the records by group , or by grand
total. There is also another feature for summing up
is "Running Total". You can just insert running totals, or
summaries by just using the icons or you can write your own

Answer to 1st question:
I don't know how this question can be answered interms of
crystal enviroment. Anyhow I know somethig abt caching,
There are many servers comes along with your CRS suite, BO,
or Crystal Enterprise suite.
All these servers run behind crystal reports to run and
publish the reports successfully. Maintaining all these
servers is kind of amin job.
Below are the list of servers that work together to make
Crystal reports a successfull pack:
1) Input server(File repository Server)
2)Output server(File Repository Server)
3) Cache server
4) destination job server
5) event server
6)list of values job server
7) page server
8)program job server
9) RAS(Reports Application Server)
10)report job server
11)CMS(Central Management Server)

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