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What do you mean by the
term "open" in OSI model?

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / mayank mathur

Open system interconnection(OSI) model has been given this
name because it deals with connecting open system- that is
systems that are open for communication with other systems

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / manju

the term OPEN refers to the meaning universal. it is
possible for any systems to implement this model

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / sanuj chopra

'open' in open system interconnection(osi) means that
openly any of the user in the world can use the network and
share their is not restricted for anyone.

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / mjain

An open system is a set of protocols that allow any two different systems to communicate regardless of their underlying structure. The purpose of OSI model is to show how to facilitate communication between different systems without requiring changes to the logic of the underlying hardware and software.

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / tapan kumar kundu

Open System Interconnection Model is defin as A,P,S,T,N,D,P

A- Application Layer
P- Presention Layer
S- Session Layer
T- Transport Layer
N- Network Layer
D- Datalink Layer
P- Presention Layer
Thease 7 layer have a different Protocal to use communicate
each layer.

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What do you mean by the term "open" in OSI model?..

Answer / bharathi

open mean one of the starting operation so it must any operation

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