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how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to
convert cable size in mm2 to

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how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to convert cable size in mm2 to

Answer / michael

depending upon the amps taken by the load, we should take
cable size. and the selection of cable size may vary for
copper and aluminum

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how to choose cable size with respect to load? how to convert cable size in mm2 to

Answer / pillay

1st you must know your load like
1)max load 2)distance of your load . than you must decide
how the cable is to be laid weather it is going to be
1)buried under ground 2)INSIDE TRUNKING 3)cable ladder or
any other means.than you must decide what is the type of
cable you want to use like copper or al than do you want to
add any factor for future demand.Finally with the help of
the cable manufacturers tables considering the voltage
ratings and the other factors the cable size is chosen.
mm2 and sq mm is the same.

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