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in which file Data of a Table is stored for further analysis

in which file Data of a Table is stored for further analysis..

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what is the purpose of verify,update and debug modes in wr?

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what is the purpose of '*', '&','.' symbols in Regular Expressions (winrunner)?

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Tell US the Short key to open the dialogs of windows.

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Name the three modes of running the scripts?

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If winrunner doesn't understand the Text in the Application what you do?

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What is the use of the "Find" Button in Gui Map Editor?

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If the object does not have a name then what will be the logical name?

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What string of characters,when printed out to a text file,will create a new line in the text file?

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what is deployment?and who do deploy in a server, and when ?

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what is the function key to toggle a breakpoint

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How can I check the font size and color using winrunner?

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list out the some of the exceptions list usually occur while recording and playing the script.

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