what is axial shift n what is differential expansion in
how many sensor probes r mounted for this n how it works?

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what is axial shift n what is differential expansion in turbine? how many sensor probes r mounted..

Answer / iftikhar ahmed

axial shift of a steam turbine is the shifting of turbine rotor in the forward and backward direction due to steam thrust on blades of rotor.
Thermal expansion of the shaft would be in an axial direction away from the thrust bearing. The thrust bearing prevents axial movement due to pressure differentials across each stage wheel and the dynamic reactions in the "buckets".
IF a large , high pressure turbine shaft will have a thermal growth of 0.20" the thrust bearing will be set-up 0.20" "short" and when pre-run warmup is completed the shaft will have ("shifted") to be in nearly optimum position for the operating clearances.

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what is axial shift n what is differential expansion in turbine? how many sensor probes r mounted..

Answer / tejram nagpure

load distrub with thermal backing,,,

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